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      • Offshore oil rig towline
      • Chip conveyor
      • Water tank and filter
      • Non-standard equipment

      Ultra-precision processing equipment and testing equipment

      Finished product after plastic spraying


      Box welding

      Ready to spray


      laser processing

      Centralized chip removal

      Concentrated chip conveyor

      Production equipment

      Authentication of Authoritative Institutions and Social Recognition

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      Company Profile

      Hangzhou Jibao Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in October 2013. It is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in manufacturing industrial automation and integrated processing equipment and metal cutting, forming, welding and metal surface treatment. The company is located in Xintang Industrial Park, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, close to G60 Expressway and 104 National Highway, with superior geographical position and convenient transportation. The registered capital is 3 million yuan and the existing plant is 12 260 square meters. There are 98 workers in the factory, including 20 technicians engaged in research and development. The company mainly produces high-end products such as chip removal machine, electrical box, telecentric separator, tow chain, oil-water separator and so on. Successfully applied for Zou Ying Plan, technology-based start-ups and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises in 2015. In order to pursue the best quality policy, we have established and improved a set of effective and feasible quality management system, constantly updated equipment resources, introduced advanced international technology, so that our products are always in the leading position. We will base ourselves on the domestic market and open up the international market, and seek a broad strategic alliance between domestic and foreign enterprises. Its purpose is to achieve different levels of resource sharing and complementarity of advantages with partners in terms of capital, technology, brand, market and so on, and to achieve the goal of common development between Gerber and partners by establishing a solid partnership. The company adheres to the quality policy of "integrity first, quality service, scientific management, pursuit of excellence", and wholeheartedly provides the best service for machinery and steel structure factories. In the construction of enterprise culture, the concept of "details determine success or failure" is highlighted. Through three years'efforts, it is planned to become the largest production base of follow-up processing products of machine tool automation in Hangzhou and even Zhejiang Province.